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The Jazz Singer

Hosted by Robin

Date 11 August 2020

Score 73%

Robin's 1920 film was delayed since March due to covid 19  lock down. We needed to see it together rather than virtually because it was only available on DVD.  Another sunny summer evening in Dave's outdoor cinema neatly spaced 2m apart. Robin provided Pimms and Preseco for pre-film drinks - a bit girly if you ask me.  The Jazz Singer was produced just as technology was allowing the recording of sound synchronised with film. Some of the film is shown as a silent movie, with title cards at other points, especially during musical scenes sound was used. In some cases the voice was dubbed but in a few cases, and this is what made the Jazz singer different live voice recordings were used.

The Jazz Singer is also famous for Al Jolson's "blackface" performance which became his trade mark at a time when putting on a "blackface" was not considered a racial slur. In fact Al Jolson was complemented on his performance and recognition it gave black performers.

Film                          65%

Evening                    80%

Aggregated score of 73%

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