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The Departed

Hosted by Jonathan

Date 20 March

Score 57%

A full house with all club members in attendance. Jonathan brought the third best wine in the world to the film club!!! It was rich and leathery. Enough tannins to allow it to mature for another 50 years. However, we could not wait that long especially Mike who downed it in one and aksed for the good stuff!

The Departed won the oscar for best picture and best director (Martin Scorsese) in 2006. The cast  includes Jack Nicholson as an Irish gangster in New York. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon both play undercover cops - except one is undercover for the cops and one is undercover for the mob. That is where it starts getting confusing. What makes it even more confusing is that Matt and Leonardo look too much alike! However, there were some excellent performances from the supporting cast including Mark Wahlberg who was nominated as best supporting actor. The film should have scored better!

Acting                         73

Directing                     52                                 

CInematography         51

Storyline                      50

Originality                    52

Recommendation        60

Aggregated score of 57%

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