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The Circle

Hosted by Robin

Date 18 September

Score 54%

The categories were.... I can't remember the categories but I don't think they existed in the virtual random hat.  Somehow Robin has managed to choose a film which managed to answers to all three categories - whatever they were (right of passage, science fiction and  Billy Elliot I think) .There was a technical problem due to the fact that Robin had managed to purchase a danish version of the movie and nobody understood when Emma Watson started speaking in Danish!  I think he must have saved a bit of money in order to splash out on some good wine! However, the backup intern junior projectionist equipment was available and we decamped to number 76.


The circle is very relavent  to how we use social media today. Have you ever wanted to get a 100% customer feedback score?? - no me neither. Anyhow Emma Watson manages this task and eventually becomes The Circle's premier blogger by agreeing to wear video cameras 24 hours a day in order t o record every moment of her quite boring life. She realises that everything is not quite right after she accidentally  manages facetime her parents most intermate moments - it could happen to anyone in this day and age. On release the movie received particularly poor ratings from critics. It felt like Tom Hanks was playing Tom Hanks and Emma Watson was playing Hermione Granger. The best acting came from Karen Gillan who managed to avoid playing Dr Who's Amy Pond. Having said that I liked it!

Robin choose three different reds to compare - all £25 (respect the club!).  I think the Zinfandel was excellent.There was also some excellent cheese!

Acting                         28

                                 Directing                     23                                 

CInematography         21

Storyline                      35

Originality                    34

Recommendation        34

Aggregated score of 54%

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