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French Connection

Hosted by Ian

Date 14/01/20

Score 66%

A 1970's theme for the evening complete with Cinzano Rosso, Mateus Rose and Black Tower wines all accompanied by a hand made  classic cheese and pineapple hedgehog! The Mateus and Black Tower were thin and sweet as expected. However, Cinzano served with ice and a slice of lemon made an excellent aperitif.

French Connection is a superb film which won 1972 Oscars for Best Picture, Director and Actor. The film is based on a non-fiction book which described the operations of two NYC police officers in their attempt to find the source of narcotics entering the US.  Gene Hackman stars as tough talking "Popeye" Doyle who famously chases a hit man on an elevated NY subway train. The car chase sequence involves numerous stunt drivers who were supposed to narrowly miss Popeye's speeding car. However, a number of the stunts did not go according to plan and he resulting impact were left in the film. 

The 1970's film and evening were superbly presented and the excellent score reflects that.

 Film                         57%

 Evening                   85%

Aggregated score of 66%

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