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Cool Hand Luke

Hosted by Ian

Date 10 September

Score 73%

Ian selected prisoners or fugitives as his category. The wine was carefully presented as two Bordeaux style wines (one a club favourite), however they were not both from Bordeaux . Both wines were incredibly full bodied, deliciously rich full with dark cherries and possibly tobacco after taste. There was not a clear favourite  - in fact the Chateau Musar was too rich for my tatses.  As well as the wine there was a carefully selected  egg theme to the accompanying food - about 50 scotch eggs!

Cool Hand Luke is famous for Paul Newman eating 50 eggs and a new more efficient method of washing the car. Paul did not use a stunt double for the egg scene despite the fact that he does not like eggs. Instead a bucket was provided and he did not swallow one egg during the filming. The car wash scene with actress Joy Harmon (whose only other notable role was a guest slot in the Batman TV series) took 3 days to film and  was filmed  independently of the reaction from the hot and sweaty chain gang.

The evening scored well, primarily because of the well presented and well linked themes of food wine and film.

 Film                         63%

 Evening                   83%

Aggregated score of 73%

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