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Never Talk to Strangers

Hosted by Dan

Date 15 August

Score 46%

The link is, of course, Rebecca de Mornay. She plays psychologist Dr Sarah Taylor who embarks on  passionate affair with the stranger (Antonio Bandeas). It turns out that Rebecca has multiple personality disorder and starts stalking her alternate personality killing her own cat and sending herself dead flowers. In the end her alternate personality manages to kill her passionate stranger and her father and then make it look like they shot each other! Confused?  Dan was inspired by the novel use of the wire mesh cage construction in the bedroom - an ideal interior design challenge.

The film was presented at a venue to rival the Roxy. There was plenty of fine Spanish olives all teamed with a pair of excellent Rioja's. The first one was judged superb. The second one was nearly 3 times the price, also good but I don't think we were sophisticated enough to appreciate it fully! 

It was generally agreed that Dan's previous misdemeanours should be forgotten after such a well presented film.

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