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American Sniper

Hosted by Jim

Date 17 April

Score 54%

There was plenty of food available as we tasted two excellent wines purchased from Cambridge Wine Merchants.​ Both wines were from the American North West. The Zinfandel was superb, Unfortunately we tasted the lighter Piont Noir second and it was overwhelmed by the  Zinfandel. However, both wines were judged superb and Jim was deemed to have respected the club rules adequately!

American Sniper is the true story of Chris Kyle who as a navy seal in Iraq providerdcovering sniper fire for american troops. He managed a record number of kills during his tours and was recognised as a hero for the work he did. However, he and his family suffered from the pressure. Ultimately, he was shot and killed not in Iraq but at home in Texas while trying to support a veteran with PTSD. Bradley Cooper was superb and was nominated  for  best actor in 2014. There was a strange scene when  Kyle was holding his new born baby - the baby was obviously plastic! Maybe that is why it did not win Clint Eastwood a best picture oscar.

For the first time in film club history we had crisps remaining at the end of the film. There was also another item of note - one of the wines provided for the evening was below the high standard we have come to expect  at the film club. The wine was sweet with a Ribena after taste. Dave was going to suggest an amendment to the club rules to make sure nobody should bring such a girlie wine to the club. Later the next day he realised it was in fact his wine!

Acting                         56

                                 Directing                     54                                 

CInematography         63

Storyline                      63

Originality                    42

Recommendation        48

Aggregated score of 54%

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