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Son of Saul

Hosted by Ian

Date 21 March

Score 58%

Son of Saul was a difficult film to watch. It was set in Auschwitz concentration camp and follows the activities of Saul (a Jewish-Hungarian prisoner) over a period of two days. Saul sees his son executed and decides to make sure he has a proper burial. The continued close up short focus shot provided a claustrophobic feel. The film (a debut for the Hungarian director) won the Oscar for best Foreign film in 2015. It was a well attended event with Dan re-scheduling his Swedish massage session in order to attend before the film started - a sign of true dedication! Despite the gritty and relentless pace of the film Jonathan managed to nod off on the comfy sofa. To link with the film we were treated to a Hungarian white wine, a mediocre German Riesling and a superb  Californian red.

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