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Blood Simple

Hosted by Andrew

Date 21 August

Score 51%

The category was Debut of a Legend and Andrew selected the Coen Brothers first film - 1984 Blood Simple. The film was also the debut of a very young looking (27) Frances McDormand. Joel Coen and Frances McDormand married in 1984 and adopted a son from  Paraguay named Pedro McDormand Coen.  Blood Simple has a simple plot with a club boss suspicious of his young wife having an affair. He hires a sleazy private investigator who promptly provides photographic evidence of the affair.  That is the simple part! Typical of most Coen brother's films the plot then becomes much more complicated. The film did not score as well as expected - I blame the overcomplicated scoring system for a bunch of mediocre scores!


The film was paired with two white wines from Waitrose. Despite the fact that one of them was 3 times the price of the other there was not much to choose between them - in my opinion anyway! I think Dave said that it was the best white wine he had tasted! Ample cheese and bread made along with a few olives and crisps kept everyone happy.

Acting                         27

                                 Directing                     25                                 

CInematography         26

Storyline                      16

Originality                    20

Recommendation        15

Aggregated score of 51%

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