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The scoring system was kept deliberately simple. There are two scores each marked out of five. In order to avoid scores being influanced by other markers all scores have to be presented at the same time. I shall explain the criteria for marking here so that I don't have to explain them after a few glasses of wine!


Likability - Did you like the film? Would you watch it again? Would you recommend the film to someone else? For instance I would not recommend the Seven Samurai to anyone!


Originality - Have you seen this sort of film before? Is it another Pulp Fiction? (good film but everyone has seen it and therefore it would score low on orginality). A black and white horror from 1957 is not something I see very often therefore I would score it high.


ZZZZ's - I decided that the number of people that were identified as being asleep during the fil was also a good indication of the quality of the film.


Wine - not always scored but when it is I use the OFSTED  grading system which consists of Outstanding, Good, Needs Improvement and finally Inadequate. 

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