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This year it was decided by the committee that we needed a more focussed and dedicated time to fully discuss the implications of new rules to be introduced for the 2017 season. Thus, after some careful planning, Dave and Ian organised a gentlemen's weekend retreat in Southwold.


There were two trips to the gold club where a considerable numbers of balls were driven into the gorse bushes. An afternoon drink at the Harbour Inn provided us with the mental courage to get to grips with the more serious task of discussing the agenda. The first item on the Agenda was that all locker room banter should not be reported on just in case one of us happens to run for president. The agenda decided we moved to an evening meal at the Bell in Walberswick.

After removing the said banter we managed to agree on the following key agenda items.

1. Film will be marked out of 10 - no consideration for wine or food to be given.

2. There needs to be a link between films - any teneous link considered.

3. There is no fixed price on the wine - respect the club!

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