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Hosted by Robin

Date 19 September

Score 73%


There was nervous anticipation at Robin's return especially since we had been lead to believe that all we were going to get was a cream cracker and a cheap bottle of wine. We did get a cheap bottle of Waitrose house wine - I think it was valued at less than £5. That is cheaper than the ones Simon usually brings from Aldi! It was a CabSav and it was to be compared to two much better CabSav's (also from Waitrose) in a blind tasting. Most people identified the cheap one, a few people identified the expensive one. I am glad to say that everyone identified the home made pate.

Legend is about the Kray twins and the job of playing both of the twin brothers is amazingly played by Tom Hardy! Reggie provides the brains while Ronnie provides the paranoid schizophrenic muscle. They became famous in the sixties for owning nightclubs across London which entertained celebrities such as Diana Dors, Barbara Windsor and Frank Sinatra. I have no idea what the link was - Robin did mention something about lemon sherbets.


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