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The Apartment

Hosted by Dan

Date 14 July 2020

Score 75%

After numerous lock down films the good weather and lifting of some restrictions on social distancing we were finally allowed to assemble for an outdoor screening of Dan's 1960's movie. To celebrate, and with a nod to the film, Dan provided a bottle of champagne and a vintage bordeaux from his cellar as provided by some kind overpaid barrister. Both very good.

The Apartment stars Jack Lemmon (CC Baxter) as one of the 31,259 insurance clerks working for Consolidated Life in a large building in New York. He supplements his income by letting his apartment on a hourly basis to a number of his bosses and their mistresses. Shirley MacLaine plays Fran the elevator girl that catches the eye of Baxter. Unknown to Baxter Fran is also the mistress of one of Baxter's bosses.  Baxter finds Fran in his apartment suffering from an overdose of sleeping pills after her lover (Sheldrake - Baxter's boss) has attempted to string her along one to many times. 

The film provided a view into the 1960's office world when things like rolodex and golf ball typewriters were the most important tools on your desk. It was also filmed long before the BLM movement was politically important! The evening was enhanced by being hosted outdoors. There were some concerns that no cheese and bread was provided but social distancing rules meant that the sharing of a baguette was socially unacceptable.

 Film                         70%

Evening                    80%

Aggregated score of 75%

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