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Hidden Figures

Hosted by Dan 

Date 22 November

Score 72%


The first showing of the season. New rules and a promise from Dan that he would do better at respecting the club - so no pressure then! Dan produced two excellent Pinot Noir that exhibited totally different characteristics - one from Australia and one from the USA. I learnt that Pinot Noir could be a powerful and robust wine as well as a light delicate summer wine. This was accompanied by Caviar, Crab pate and three pungent cheeses. To keep Jonathan happy there were also a copious supply of crisps (a bit strange were the black truffle ones). So off to a good start - although the quality of the food or drink could not be taken into account!

Dan was lucky enough to get aviation as one of his three random selections taken from the virtual hat. The film was the fascinating story of three black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the space race in the early 1960's. There were lots of footage of rockets but none of any aircraft which meant that it was almost disqualified on the grounds that it did not meet the requirements of the chosen theme (aviation = the flying or operation of aircraft). However since the film was so good and Dan was already on probation we thought it best that we overlook that minor faux pas. The new scoring system was used.

Acting                        86

Directing                    60

CInematography       50

Storyline                    90

Originality                  60

Recommendation      86

Aggregated score of 72%


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