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Play Misty for Me

Hosted by Mike

Date 16 May

Score 62%

The link is slightly complicated and obscure but it is based around rabbits. There were rabbits in Jean de Florette- Uglion had a go at farming rabbits. Play Misty for Me was the template for Fatal Attraction in which Glen Close famously boils the family rabbit. Thus Play Misty for Me is the original bunny boiler film (no rabbits were harmed during the making of the film). The film was Clint Eastwoods directorial debut. He plays a jazz radio station DJ. He has a one night stand with Evelyn (Jessica Walters) and then after that she stalks him. She is obviously unhinged turning up just when she is least expected. Clint has several attempts to get get rid of her so that Clint can focus on the girl he really wants, Tobie (Donna Mills). However Evelyn is very determined and ultimately kidnaps Tobie and threatens to kill her in order to get Clint's attantion.

There were two powerful (14%+) Napa valley wines selected along with some excellent cheese. Less well received were the healthy snacks that replaced the usual supply of crisps! However, the level of effort and quality of the food has earned Mike an honorable mention in the food category.

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