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Forbidden Planet

Hosted by Nick

Date 9/6/20

Score 48%

1950's Loads of good films to choose from.


Forbidden planet is a classic SciFi movie that set the scene for the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars. It won an oscar for best visual effects in 1956. The electronic music score was credited as "electronic tonalities" partly to avoid having to pay any of the film industry music guild fees. The film was noted for the significant budget spent on the set. In particular Robby the Robot who cost $125k which was about 7% of the overall budget of the film. Robby was recently sold at auction for $5.3m.

Leslie Nielsen stars as Commander Adams who is sent to a distant planet to find out what happened to the crew of a starship sent to colonise the planet 20 years previously.They find Dr Morbius and his young and attractive daughter are the only survivors. They a living very comfortably with the help of Robby the Robot. The innocent Altair charms Commander Adams by appearing in a very short mini skirt (allegedly the first appearance of a mini skirt on screen). Ultimately Commander Adams and crew escape with Altair and Robby the Robot leaving Dr. Morbius and Id  (the monster from his mind) to been blown to bits as the planet explodes.

There were a few sleepers! The film was sophisticated and cutting edge in 1956. However, special affects from 1956 don't age very well. Best enjoyed with 60 gallons of bourbon!

 Film                         48%

Evening                  N/A

Aggregated score of 48%

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