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Dr Strangelove

Hosted by Bruce

Date 20 June

Score 42%

The link is war except there was no mention of war in Play Misty for Me!. However, the last film Bruce attended was the Son of Saul which was of course set in WWII. An insane general sends the nuclear strike codes to circling bombers which then start their planned bombing run on multiple targets in Russia. Peter Sellers plays three roles as the US President, Dr Strangelove and Group Captain Mandrake trying to sort out the crisis before the bombers release their bombs. The evening set a new record for the number of sleepers. There was a rumour that Ian managed to some sleep within 5 minutes of the start of the film! There was lively debate after the film especially regarding the viability of Trident. Bruce provided two excellent PInot Noir wines and a good selection of snacks.

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