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Hosted by Andrew

Date 21/04/20

Score 53%

1930's - The run up to the film was well presented including the odd image posted on whatsapp to get us in the mood. Eye patches were prominent. The film was available free on You Tube.

M was directed in 1931 by Fritz Lang in Germany before Hitler decided to start a war and Fritz decided to relocate to Hollywood.. A small German town is the home of a child killer. The police are not getting anywhere trying to catch him so a local group of criminals decide to do the job for them. Ultimately they corner and catch the killer and provide their own court to convict him. The movie was shot in the early days of sound and there are obvious sections where there is no sound. The actors - in particular Peter Lorre - were obviously familiar with acting in silent movies - exagerated expressions were common place in silent movies  and Peter has perfected the goggly eyed surprised expression. I think almost everyone smoked in the movie - they were probably told it was healthy!

Dr Lossens riesling was the perfect choice for a German 1930's film. Slight effaeveance light and sweet strawberry o the palette. Comments ranged from "perfect with summer fruits in the garden" to "gut rout from Aldi".

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