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The Circle

Robin's Paint my Wagon

Blood Simple

Andrew;s debut of a legend

The Conjuring

Mike's sphincter puckering whorer

Hell or High Water

Daves neo-Western

Nick's Safety Last

Silent romantic movie digitally streamed!

Jim's American Sniper

Bradley Cooper  is Chris Kyle

Jonathan's Oscar winning Thriller

Jack Nicholson plays Jack Nicholson.

Bruce's RomCom, Travel and Chase film

Rachel Weisz won an Oscar for this gritty african drama

Simon's 1950's black and white (not Japanese) classic

Gritty drama with a young Marlon Brandon

Ian's Oscar winning score

I didn't think there was much singing in slumdog Millionaire but it won an oscar for the best score anywway!

Dan's Aviation themed movie

Well would you believe it - Dan was the first to volunteer and he was given 3 random choices out of the virtual hat, one of them was aviation!

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