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The Ballard of Buster Scruggs

Hosted by Dave

Date 9 July

Score 71%

Dave graciously stepped in to host at the last minute. He decided to continue the western theme without the use of the scrote to advise him - controversial move but the chairman seemed in a good mood so no action was taken. The Ballard of Buster Scruggs is a set of six tales from the wild west adapted and filmed by the Coen brothers for NetFlix. Each story seems to end with someone getting a bullet in the forehead. The film won best screen play at the Venice film festival. The film is noted for it's extensive use of CGI - there are over 700 digitally enhanced scenes. There is a lot to like about the filming, however, there is no thread to join the stories together and some of the stories dragged on.

To accompany the film we were presented with two white wines. While both were good there was nothing distinctive about the more expensive of the two that made it worth the difference. Good conversation before and after the film and the fact that Dave presented the wine outside along with some canape's of his own creation meant that he scored well in the "Evening" category. I thought the film was going to do less well but as it turned out most people rated it highly and consequently Dave is now the proud to hold the highest score so far this season!

 Film                         67%

 Evening                   74%

Aggregated score of 71%

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