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Blood Simple

Hosted by Robin

Date 13 August

Score 69%

Summer canape and film evening combined hosted by Robin in order to show off his new den.  A chance to show off our culinary skills. Usual rules apply - must fit in the mouth in one go - no nuts! Robin presented his favourite red and white wines.  The method of scoring was very sophisticated and had to be explained a number of times until the concept was understood by all (it sounds easy now 3 points for the your favourite, 2 points for second favourite and 1 point for third place). Mike was almost disqualified straight away due to the presence of pine nuts! The winning canape was Andrew's superbly constructed cylindrical roll mop herring sandwich on a stick. David and Mike (despite presence of nuts) were awarded an honourable 2nd and 3rd places.

Robin has a new screening attic complete with a 4K projector. However, there was one problem with the interior design and that was the presence of a white carpet. It was decided that a burgundy carpet would be more suitable for a bunch of unsteady middle aged men struggling upstairs holding large glasses of red wine. Blood Simple was shown at the club last year and it was obvious that Robin had not done his homework!  However, with the benefit of a 4K projector  which allowed us to see the film in greater detail than before (must remeber to take my glasses next time!)... or was it the fact that it was easier to understand the complex plot the second time round  - either way the film scored better this time round. Scoring ultimately matched Dave's excellent season winning 71%. However, after deductions for not having a burgandy carpet and not referring to the web site the score is reduced to 69%

 Film                         60%

 Evening                   82%

Aggregated score of 71% after deductions = 69%

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