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Hosted by James

Date 10/12/19

Score 65%

James hosted the season opener and produced a classic film  evening which started off with canapes. For details of the canapes follow this link. To accompany the film and get us all in the right mood Jim choose 4 vodkas for us to sample. Two flavoured ones - rhubarb and vanilla were a bit sweet. The favoured Vodka was from Poland - Bison Grass - it even has a bit of grass in the bottle. After double shots of all the vodkas we retired to the Jim's attic carefully climbing the dangerous stairs!

Bullitt is a classic film known mostly for Steve McQueen driving a Mustang at speed through the middle of San Francisco while chasing a car with two mean looking guys in it. However it also has Jaqueline Bisset roaming around the set and Robert Vaughn looking very mean. In addition to all that it is filmed in San Francisco in 1968 (almost as old as Jim!) so you get to see some classic cars.

Because this was the first film of the season the new scoring rules came into play with marks out of 20 for the film and 10 for the evening. There was some complication discussion around how we should deal with the score out of 20 for the film - obviously we could not score in the usual manner by showing an appropriate number of fingers. There was a large variation in scoring with the high score for the film at 18 with a low score at 7/20.

 Film                         63%

 Evening                   70%

Aggregated score of 65%

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