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On the Waterfront

Hosted by Simon

Date 17 January


The evening started badly because our film host had not arrived by 8pm. Dave was suggesting that we kick Helen out of the front room so that we could all watch something on Netflix. However at 8:05pm Simon arrived just as the roles on the disciplinary committee were being defined. He managed to deflect our attention by offering hot cocktail sausages roasted in honey along with a homemade pate and toast. There were two Rhone style wines on offer, a Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and a similar wine Tablas Creek from California billed as a p"ioneer in Californias Rhone movement". The Tablas Creek made was good, however, at half the price the Châteauneuf-du-Pape was excellent and easily the winner between the two. 

Marlon Brando initially turned the lead role down and it was going to be offered to Frank Sinatra. Brando was persuaded to take the role after being offered $100k!  Frank Sinatra famously called Brando "the world's most overrated actor", and referred to him as "mumbles". Brando did mumble, but he still came away with the best actor Oscar. Brando carelessly misplaced his Oscar, it was later given to Leonardo DiCaprio as a Birthday present in 2012!

Acting                         79

Directing                     83

CInematography         90

Storyline                      74

Originality                    67

Recommendation        69

Aggregated score of 77%

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