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Double Indemnity

Hosted by Nick

Date 8 January

Score 67%

Vines grown at a high altitude produce lower but higher quality yields.To test this theory we tasted two wines one from the French alps and one from the Italian side. Both wines a similar price just under £20 - some say not enough spent on the wine! Both had a strong cherry bouquet. The Italian Nebbiolo was voted the better of the two - it is the one on the left - or is it the one one the right? The wines were accompanied by a selection of Alpine cheeses.

The category chosen for the film was femme fatale. The film follows Neff, an insurance salesman, as he recounts  to his boss (Keyes) how it was he who planned a murder in order to collect on a life policy he has sold to a bored wife (Barbara Stanwyck) of an oil worker in California. He explains that he "didn't get the girl and he didn't get the money"​ after being shot in the final exchange with his femme fatale. The film is based on a James Cain novel inspired by 1927 murder perpetrated by a married woman in Queens, New York, and her lover, whose trial he attended while working as a journalist  New York. In that crime, Ruth Snyder persuaded her boyfriend to kill her husband after having him take out a big insurance policy with a double indemnity clause. The murderers were quickly identified, arrested and convicted. The front page photograph of Snyder's execution in the electric chair at Sing Sing has been called the most famous news photo of the 1920s.

The film scored very highly. The evening was good, however marks were deducted for messing up the date of the evening and confusing the wines!

Film                          71%

 Evening                    62% 

Aggregated score of 67%

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