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Hosted by Dan

Date 12 March

Score 56%

Dan selected Film Noir - sounds very similar to a previous category? Rather than look to Hollywood Dan chose a much more edgy French Film Noir. Rififi - roughly translates to rough and tumble - was directed by Jules Dassin after he was blacklisted by the House Committee on Un-American Activities after a fellow director named him a communist in April 1951. He had a small budget and used virtually unknown      actors.  The centerpiece of the film is an intricate half-hour heist scene depicting the crime in detail, shot in near silence, without dialogue or music. The film was banned in some countries due to its heist scene, referred to by the Los Angeles Times as a "master class in breaking and entering as well as filmmaking". The Mexican interior ministry banned the film because of a series of burglaries mimicking its heist scene. 

To accompany the film Dan selected two Bordeaux wines. One of the wines was a bottle he remembered from his youthful days (was there a romantic involvement at the time? - he claims not!) while travelling in France. Unfortunately while both wines were appreciated it was generally agreed that the cheaper, unmemorable wine was ultimately better. Moral of this story is don't go delving around in your past try to repeat previous happy memories! Excellent choice of baguette, pate and cheeses along with as many crisps we could eat.


Film                          51%

 Evening                    61% 

Aggregated score of 56%

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