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The Constant Gardener

Hosted by Bruce

Date 20 February

Score 61%

Bruce brought two similar wines to compare, one from the old world and the other from the new world. The old world was a refined delicate classic Bordeaux and the new world was represented by a bold leathery South African Pinotage. Both wines were similar cost, however, the Bordeaux was judged as the better of the two.

The Constant Gardener is based on a  novel by John le Carre and follows Ralph Fiennes, as a British diplomat in Kenya, as he tries to solve the murder of his wife Tessa (Rachel Weisz), an Amnesty activist. The story is told in a sequence of flash backs which led to some confusion in the audience and consequently a large number of sleepers! Robin honorably declared that he had spent more than 50% of the film asleep and therefore his vote should not be included. The lovely Rachel won a best actress Oscar  in 2005  for her performance. The cinematography was superb, but since the chairman was sunning himself in Cuba and was not available to explain what cinematography actually means we had to settle on the outdoor shots as the ones used for calculating the cinematography score.

Acting                         83

Directing                     57

CInematography         79

Storyline                      43

Originality                    52

Recommendation        52

Aggregated score of 61%

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