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A Quiet Place

Hosted by Mike

Date 9 April

Score 60%

Mike's chosen category was Monsters. Now you would have thought that after his last outing where he showed The Conjuring and received only 26% he would stay well away from anything that resembled a horror film. However, Mike was ready to try again. He says that this was the film he really wanted show last time. The first 39 minutes had no spoken words. It is beginning to sound like we have a theme - Rififi was also know for it's heist scene where there in no sound for about 30 minutes. There are no spoken words because the film is set in a post apocalyptic where blind monsters are running around waiting for you to make the slightest sound thus giving away your location and instantly becoming the next meal for the hungry aliens. It is very difficult for Emily Blunt to stay quiet especially since she is heavily pregnant and has a tendency to step on large nails.

The film did very well at the box office. Cinema venues did not like it as much because the sale of popcorn and other noisy concessions were noticeably reduced when the film was on general release. Surprisingly the film was nominated for an Oscar for sound editing. Despite the loud crunchy noises Mike encouraged us to eat naked crisps (crisps with no salt or other flavour added) primarily because he is concerned about our salt intake during film club evenings. Although the film scored poorly because we are all scaredy-cats the evening scored highly. In particular Mikes cooking efforts were noted including Fried Halloumi Cheese . The wine selection was well received but the more expensive £30 bottle was not liked as mush as the £15 bottle! 

Film                          40%

 Evening                    80% 

Aggregated score of 60%

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