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Canape Evening Rules

And the winner was .... Andrew. A simple but superb bit of steak topped with a tomato. Some notable canapes included Jimbo's toasted cheese  - lost points becuase it failed the mouth closed test. Simon's chocolate brownies - not enough colours. Robin's spam bellini's!!!  Mike's christmas plate did not get any extra points but does get an honorable mention.

To recap

Standard Rules

1.            A single plate of canapés to be prepared by each member

2.            There must be at least 11 canapés on the plate.  More are allowed and obviously encouraged.

3.            Each member must prepare the canapés himself.

               3.1         No instruction interference or down right cheating will be tolerated

               3.2         All members if suspected of cheating by having their spouses involved in any way (even by design or advice) will be required to look all the other members in the eye and without smiling convince the jury that he is indeed the chef of the suspiciously fine offering.  You know who you are!!!


2017 Special instructions.

1.            The canapés does not have to be eaten in one go, a bite is clearly allowed and polite.  However, the canapés must be adjudged to be able to fit inside the providers mouth in one go and with his lips closed and no gaps or gagging.  Additional canapes must be provided for this test to be completed should he be called upon to prove compliance.

2.            Canapés can be sweet or savoury but should have at least three colours clearly and distinctly on show from the various ingredients.

3.            There must be an assertive flavour from one particular mystery ingredient.  Points will be avoided for mystery ingredient


The scoring system will be

1.            Colour compliance          (x/1)

2.            Lip closability                    (x/1)

3.            Utter deliciousness          (x/8)

4             Mystery ingredient.

               4.1         Every member who correctly guesses the assertive mystery ingredient will get a point

               4.2         If no member guesses the assertive mystery ingredient the chef in question gains 5 points

               4.3         If by common consent it is deemed that the mystery ingredient is absent or simply not assertive enough then the chef in question will be docked a single point.  Being a discussive social group it is anticipated that this may provoke a debate.  This will be cut short by our Chairman (AF) who will be the final arbiter.

               4.4         Worth bearing in mind that if a particularly weird or overly assertive mystery ingredient is used then you could easily lose points on "3. Utter deliciousness”

5             I’ll provide 3 reds and 3 whites all blinded for an identify the grape competition (x/6)


The scoring system clearly allows a member to focus upon field 3 and 4 and ignore 1 and 2.  So Bruce’s monster beige sausage roll can easily turn out to be a winner.  This may be considered a viable strategy.


So I hope that is all clear.  I’ll provide some other eaty bits and a simple wine tasting. 


Good to go.


Respect The Club Dib Dib Dib

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