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Lockdown virtual film club

Bruce introduced the idea of the virtual film club every Tuesday night while we are in virus lockdown. A wine is selected from Waitrose (does not have to be Waitrose) and then we all purchase separately while keeping at least 2m from each other at all times. Film is reviewed on Zoom afterwards. 


I am not an easy Man

Jim 7 July

Man bangs his head an wakes up in Paris where women have all the top jobs and have hairy legs! A marmite film, scary watching a man having his chest waxed so that he could attract women!


First they killed my Father

JT 23 June

Gruesome film about the killing fields. Jonathan watched it the first time round the day before he visited the actual killing fields.


Top Hat

Andrew 16 June

A Musical with dancing. Something that has not been tried at the film club for a number of years!


JoJo Rabbit

Ian 26 May

Hitler with a sense of Humour!


Midnight Express

Jim 12 May

Jim stepped in to cover Andrew's absence. Excellent film - I am not going to Turkey to smuggle hash that is for sure! Jim even tried to convince us that the Turkish legal system was working well!


All The PresidentsMen

Dave 5 May

Dave has set a new precedent - he has made us all pay for a film! It follows on from The Post and has Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford chasing around after someone called deep throat!


True Romance

Nick 29 April

Pink Cadillac, Patricia Arquette, lots of guns and a Tarantino script. What could possibly go wrong as the two love birds try to escape the Detroit Mafia after their case of stolen cocaine.


Uncut Gems

JT 22 April

Adam Sandler manages a high end jewelry shop catering to customers that can afford an expensive but of bling. He also likes gambling and ends up spending money he owes on sports events.


The Platform

Jim 31 March

Spanish thriller - one food platfrom filled wth food from masterchef gets lowered through 300 prison cells. 2min  and 2 people per cell. It is like christmas eve at waitrose! They had no toilet paper either.


Death of Stalin

Bruce 24 March

Death of Stalin is loosely based on fact - well he did die! On Stalin's death the Central Committee has to decide what to do. The film club could learn a lot from the voting techniques of the central committee. We have got one thing right we have voted in the chairman for life!



David 10 March

David stepped in at the last moment and showed Joker.

Needs no introduction. Joker was brilliant. I loved his dance on the steps at 167 St Station in New York to Gary Glitter.

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