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The Conjuring

Hosted by Mike

Date 17 July

Score 26%

Mike was determined to choose a horror (pronounced "whorer"). He must have reviewed at least 100 films (respect the club) before he choose this one. He promised a "sphincter puckering" time. We were treated to all the cliche one normally expects from a horror movie - creaking doors, dark cellars, spooky dolls. The Conjuring had them all. Set in the 70's and allegedly based on a true story about two demonologists who are asked to explore the strange bumps in the night that are occuring at the old family house. There is a strange possessed doll called annabelle involved which keeps escaping form a glass cupboard for some reason!

Mike selected two excellent French Chardonay whites - one of which cost a whopping £38. A good selection of cheeses and 6 bags of crisps were on hand. However, the wine and the food were unfortunately not marked. Mike has achieved the lowest score in the history of the club largely due to the fact that we were all pussys and don't like horror movies. Thus when it came to marking on storyline, origniality and recommendation many people gave it a big zero!

Acting                         21

                                 Directing                     16                                 

CInematography         14

Storyline                       7

Originality                     4

Recommendation         3

Aggregated score of 26%

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