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Hell or High Water

Hosted by Dave

Date 19 June

Score 66%

Dave had a particularly tough choice of categories (as provided by the random virtual hat)  (Tear Jerkers, Western or a Pretentious French Film). Despite the fact that everyone was expecting Dave to provide a Tear Jerker he instead challenged us with a Western.  The main deviation is that there were no horses and it was set in present day Texas!  Dave described it as a neo-Western.

An excellent performance by the four main characters in particular Jeff Bridges as a Texas Ranger on his last assignment before retirement. Chris Pine and Ben Foster are brothers who decide to target a number of small town Texas Midland Banks in order to payoff the loan on their ranch. With two Texas Rangers trying to predict their next move the brothers take more risks in order to collect the money needed.

The cinematography was superb, the score was excellent and acting was sublime. However despite all the promise of high marks the score was mediocre. Bruce admitted to sleeping through most of it and therefore ruled himself out of the scoring. Dan had to leave early and attempted to nominate a proxy for the scoring but it was unanimously decided that there can be no proxy voting! There was a technical hiccup early on with the projector jumping over a few minutes of vital footage. The was a short intermission while Dave made sure everyone understood what had happened to the storyline. We should have woken Bruce up at that point!

Favourite quote "In your last days in the nursing home, you'll think of me and giggle."

Acting                         67

                                 Directing                     67                                 

CInematography         75

Storyline                      58

Originality                    58

Recommendation        72

Aggregated score of 66%

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