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Jean de Florette

Hosted by James

Date 18 April

Score 54%

Jean de Florette wants to grow flowers and the only place there is water is on the property next door. Encouraged by his father he blocks up the well with the expectation that the new owner of the property will get fed up with fetching water from the next valley and sell the property cheaply. The plan works, the hunch back dies from exhaustion, devious father and son get the property but pretty young daughter observes the re-discovery of the well. All set up for the sequel. I have included a picture of the grown up daughter, even though she was not in the first film, because Simon was going on about how gorgeous she is. The film was paired with some white wine from France (I can't remember any more than that!). Dan has suggested that we should have an emergency AGM in order to discuss Jonathan's lack of attendance due to work commitments!

Apparently the above description of the story is all bollocks! Jean de Florette was the hunch back played by Gérard Depardieu! I must have fallen asleep at the beginning of the film.

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