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The Post

Hosted by Mike

Date 14/04/20

Score 79%

Mike volunteered to carry on the tradition of film club despite the difficulties of the ongoing Covid19 lockdown. He choose two decades from the scared scrote (1950 and 2010). However, there are only so many 1950's film on Netflix so he chose a 2017 film instead.

Mike choose a Medoc from waitrose to accompany the film - there is a link. The film was set in 1971, Nixon is president and the Vietnam conflict is ongoing. The link ... it turns out that Nixon likes a good Medoc (Chateux Marguex is a good example) so much so that he has a bottle every evening! He also likes Gazpacho soup, Cottage cheese and ketchup as suggested by Mike - I don't think anyone followed the eating suggestions. 

The Post is a story about The Washington Post and it's then owner Katherine Graham. Katherine was left control of The Post after her alcoholic, philandering husband decides to leave Katherine for his lover, has a nervous breakdown and ultimately commits suicide! Katherine decides to take on the job of managing The Post despite the difficult male dominated environment she finds herself in. She starts the process of taking The Post public. The Post depicts the true story of attempts by journalists at The Washington Post to publish the Pentagon Papers, classified documents regarding the 20-year involvement of the United States government in the Vietnam War. The New York Times has access to classified documents about the Vietnam War. However, the government uses the justice department to stop the distribution of newspapers claiming violation of the national security laws. Immediately after, the Washington Post has access to similar documents but they decide to face the government and publish the newspapers against the will of their lawyers and investors. 

The film has a wonderful cast led by Meryl Steep and Tom Hanks. However, I could not help feeling that Meryl Streep was reprising her role as the Queen while Tom Hanks just sounds like Woody all the time. We decided it was unfair to rate the evening because not everyone had shared the wine or food. The film scored very well dispite one miserable bastard only awarding it 50%!

 Film                         79%

Evening                  N/A

Aggregated score of 79%

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